Mapping All Your Possible Futures

Straterix is a New York-based fintech startup that’s revolutionizing the generation, design and application of scenarios for financial institutions. Founded in 2015, Straterix software represents a breakthrough in financial modelling. It combines proprietary algorithms, machine learning and data mining, to enable financial institutions to see how their futures would be impacted by specific scenarios that are relevant to them – while also equipping these institutions with new ways to optimize their performance. Straterix makes scenario generation, selection and application faster, easier and more accurate, allowing for a new range of financial analyses that were previously impossible.

Straterix’s founders have a combined 60 years' experience at global financial institutions. They’ve held senior roles at some of Wall Street's biggest banks, including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Citigroup and Nomura; experience that has given them a deep understanding of the increased business and regulatory complexity the industry faces.

Management Team